Automatic online/offline optical controls.

Most of the production of preforms is controlled by sophisticated optical systems either directly online and offline.

Preforms are controlled at 360° for verification of compliance with the minimum and maximum tolerances through a deconvolution system:


  • Inspection of surface
  • Inspection of the base
  • Body inspection
  • Colour inspection
  • Thread inspection
  • Reading of the cavity no.
  • Inspection



Technologies applied online


Off-line technologies

Our solutions

You can find all our proposals for the protection of your products within the section dedicated to the solutions on this page. Please find below links to some of the main innovations employed in the sector.


UV barrier

Thanks to the use of additives specifically formulated according to the applications, the containers can be perfectly transparent or completely opaque to Ultraviolet...


Barrier to CO2

For carbonated drinks, in particular, maintaining the level of carbonation is obviously crucial to the quality and taste of the product. In this case the passive...


Barrier to Oxygen and CO2

Both passive and active barrier solutions can be used in combination for carbonated drinks, for which maintaining the level of carbonation constant for long periods is...


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