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IFAP produces bottles and preforms, which then become containers on different markets, with the primary objective of creating a quality packaging that protects the contents and preserves the organoleptic properties, appealing to trigger the interest of the final consumer, but especially environmentally friendly. There is ongoing research by IFAP in the direction of environmental sustainability of its products. Over the years there has been a progressive reduction of weight of different items and hence less use of raw material. Recycled materials have been incorporated in production rather than products made from renewable raw material sources. In collaboration with its clients IFAP seeks to create a packaging with a low environmental impact, that has a value even at the end of life. The focus is to educate the end customer that the packing is not mere waste but, through careful selection and thanks to the current recycling systems, it can and should become reusable raw material. Hence the PET containers bottles are a valuable asset to not throw away as irrecoverable waste, much less to abandon in the environment in which we live, but to manage properly to allow new life!

Code of ethics

IFAP has introduced an administrative liability discipline of legal persons in its organisation in relation to offences committed in their interest or for their benefit by natural persons who have representative, administrative and management functions...


Environmental sustainability

IFAP is sensitive to environmental issues. Waste disposal, recycling and reducing CO2 emissions are key points in the daily work of research and innovation. With both traditional PET, and with the latest BIO-PET "plastic" of plant origin, IFAP...


Energy efficiency

Improvement of compressed air production systems, using new machines under inverter and updated technology. Installation of new generation refrigerating units with lower energy consumption, higher efficiency and controlled individually, with inverter...



rPET IFAP uses post consumer materials for the production of plastic packaging, especially chemical and mechanical PET for recycling. The percentages of use of post consumer PET may vary between 20% and 100% rPET. In 2017 recovered PET was used for 20% of...


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