Improvement of compressed air production systems, using new machines under inverter and updated technology.
Installation of new generation refrigerating units with lower energy consumption, higher efficiency and controlled individually, with inverter compressors, pumps and fans.

White certificates

In 2016 savings in Equivalent Tons of Petroleum for energy efficiency investment amounted to 156 White Certificates or 46.6 TEP (541865 kw/h).

White certificates, also called energy efficiency certificates (TEE), are documents that certify the achievement of energy savings in end uses of energy through energy efficiency increase projects and operations. Introduced since 2004 by ministerial decrees it stipulates that electricity and natural gas distributors reach certain goals of primary energy savings annually, expressed in TEP equivalent tons of petroleum saved.

A certificate corresponds to the saving of an equivalent ton of petroleum.
Companies have two paths: either achieve their efficiency plans or buy titles from other actors on the energy efficiency certificates market organised by GME (manager of energy markets).

IFAP stepped in by improving energy efficiency, in particular for the production of PET preforms, installing three new refrigerators to provide chilled water for cooling of the injection presses, electrically powered, air condensed and with the inverter pump system.


Example of monitoring consumption of refrigerating units.


Example of monitoring consumption of injection Presses.

Monthly Consumption Report [kWh]

Energy consumption, on certain lines, has been reduced by 50% thanks to the improvements and to the continuous monitoring system.

Continuous monitoring of energy consumption, report example.

Our solutions

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