Dairy products are particularly sensitive to light and therefore require appropriate solutions to their packaging. A few minutes exposure to sunlight (or a few hours in a neon light), can give the milk a disagreeable rancid aftertaste defined "taste of light".

This effect is much more pronounced the longer the exposure to light radiation and is mainly due to oxidation of the milk. Even the nutrient profile worsens because some vitamins contained in milk like riboflavin and vitamin A tend to deteriorate during exposure to light. 

Light and oxygen, together or alone, cause sensory changes in many foods (altered taste and colour). IFAP offers a series of solutions depending on the application and the desired shelf life.

Multilayer preforms
White PET/Black PET/ White PET

  • Multilayer Technology
  • The black layer gives full protection to light: 0% transmitted light up to 800nm
  • Decontamination requirements are met (dry and wet methods)
  • Possible addition of oxygen scavenger in the intermediate layer for special applications.


Monolayer preforms (opaque)
PET Master White

  • Monolayer Technology
  • Glossy or opaque surface available
  • Broader blowing window
  • Decontamination requirements are met (dry and wet methods)
  • Competitive costs
  • Good opacity with low thicknesses
  • Special polyester can be used for special purposes


Monolayer preforms (opaque)
PET Master Blue

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